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When facing a legal issue in Washington, choosing an attorney can seem overwhelming and confusing. You need a legal advocate with experience you can trust.

Judge John E. Turner (Ret.) has an added layer of experience that an out-of-town lawyer or a recent law graduate does not. He is a former judge who served on the Washington State Court of Appeals.

After more than 30 years of experience as an attorney and judge, he is well-known and respected among local judges and law enforcement. He knows which defenses judges find most persuasive. He knows which approaches work, and which are a waste of time. He knows when to speak up, and when to sit down.

Judge Turner knows the law, as it is written in books as well as experienced in real life. He is able to assess a case quickly and provide his client with a range of options for seeking a resolution to the matter. While his knowledge of the law is vast and in-depth, he takes the time to explain the law to clients in a language that everyone can understand.

The Cost-Effective Benefits Of Hiring A Skilled Former Judge As Your Attorney

Judge Turner is not only highly qualified to represent individuals in cases involving criminal law, elder law, professional license defense, personal injury and other areas of general practice, like domestic violence, DUI and divorce, but he is capable of doing so efficiently, thoroughly and cost-effectively.

In reality, many of these legal areas overlap and blend together. Hiring a lawyer like Judge Turner, who handles the many facets of these cases, will help you address your issues holistically and confidently.

Since he handles a wide variety of cases in many areas of the law, Judge Turner works to establish long-lasting relationships with clients. He is often the lawyer people turn to when they are in need of legal help again in the future.

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