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If you have been charged with a crime, you may wonder how the judge approaches a case. Many attorneys do their best to anticipate the thoughts of the judge, but in Olympia, Washington, Former Judge, John E. Turner, who is now an attorney practicing criminal defense, understands.

"Criminal law is where our constitutional rights make their greatest stand. It is where the rubber meets the road. It is the acid test of our freedoms." — Judge John E. Turner (Ret.)

As a judge, John E. Turner compared arguments on both sides, learning which kinds of legal arguments succeeded and which failed. Now, as a criminal defense lawyer, Judge Turner puts that knowledge to work protecting your freedoms.

Judge John E. Turner helps people charged with a variety of different types of crimes, including:

  • DUI: Whether you are facing drunk driving or marijuana (DUI) charges; have questions regarding breath tests and refusals, license suspension; or are seeking a reduction in charges, Judge Turner can help.
  • Juvenile crimes: It is essential that juvenile offenders be aggressively defended in criminal cases, such as shoplifting or vandalism, to ensure their futures and rights are protected.
  • Domestic violence: If you have been accused of or charged with domestic assault or violence, Judge Turner can protect your rights. He assists all types of domestic violence defendants, including those seeking information about protective orders.
  • Drug charges: When you are charged with a misdemeanor or felony drug crime, you need to enlist help fighting those charges. Judge Turner has experience handling all drug charges, from drug possession to trafficking and manufacturing.

He also works with individuals who are interested in deferred prosecution and military personnel who have been accused of DUI. People who made a simple mistake or misjudgment may find themselves facing charges that will ruin their careers and their reputation if they are convicted. The law office of Judge John E. Turner (Ret.) is proactive, aggressive and efficient in looking for resolutions that are in your best interests and protect your rights.

Experienced Thurston County Drug Crime Lawyer

When you are in trouble, talking to law enforcement only compromises your rights. You need an advocate who will speak on your behalf and show prosecutors the weaknesses in their case against you. The first step is a "not guilty" plea. From there, attempts are made to find resolution in pretrial hearings. Many criminal matters are settled during those initial stages.

Often a case can be resolved by addressing the underlying problems through enrollment in counseling, treatment programs, or deferred prosecution. That personalized approach distinguishes the law offices of John E. Turner (Ret.) from firms where attorneys seem more interested in the legal process than in the outcome.

At Mr Turner's law office, results matter. You are a name, not a case number.

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