Defending Charges Of Domestic Assault

No one would argue that members of a family should be allowed to harm or threaten others in the family with harm. Domestic assault laws properly interfere when abuse is occurring. Everyone is opposed to battering.

At the same time, the unintended effect of these laws is to put the state in our bedrooms. Once a call is made, and once police decide that a crime has been committed, it is too late to "call it back." You are in the system now, and that is often an uncomfortable place to be.

Providing Defense Against Domestic Abuse And Domestic Assault

The truth is, every domestic event is different, and courts, unable to establish what really happened in an altercation, can do great harm. The law, for example, defines nonconsensual touching as assault. One unwise poke, push or bump can lead to an arrest.

Judge John E. Tuner (Ret.), in Olympia, Washington, represents persons accused of domestic assault. He will work to keep convictions off your record whenever possible. A conviction can cause you to lose your right to a firearm, and can keep you from working in capacities as a teacher, coach or caregiver. Members of the military are particularly at risk when domestic assault allegations are made against them. These men and women may find themselves facing enhanced consequences from the military if there are charges filed or if convicted.

Working To Protect Your Record And Your Rights

Domestic assault convictions are a serious blot on any person's record. Judge Turner often seeks to have charges dismissed without a trial. He can propose a stipulated continuance agreement where the accused takes part in recommended evaluation, treatment and counseling. If no negative events occur within two years, the charges are dismissed.

Handling Protective Orders

Judge Turner defends the obtaining of protective orders, protections orders, temporary restraining orders (TROs), and anti-harassment orders. These no-contact orders require couples, exes, family members, or neighbors in a harassment or domestic assault situation to separate while more permanent decisions are made as to whether or how a future relationship will be. But these no-contact orders are entered into police law enforcement databases and can have adverse consequences as a result of background checks.

Charged With Domestic Assault?

Work with a defense attorney who has worked both sides of the bench. Call Olympia domestic assault lawyer and Former Judge John E. Turner at 360-464-1650 or contact him online.