Charged With A Restraining Order Violation?

A domestic charge, whether warranted or not, can tear up a family. Shortly following this charge, a variety of orders can be put into place, preventing an individual from having contact with his or her family.

Whether you are seeking to impose such an order or get one removed, we can help. These orders include:

  • Anti-harassment orders
  • Restraining orders
  • No-contact orders
  • Protection orders

If you are found to be in violation of one of these orders, you need legal counsel immediately. Judges do not go easy on individuals facing restraining order violations.

No-Contact And Protection Orders

Regardless of the charges involved in these cases, these orders can mean the difference between spending time in your home, with your children and being barred from seeing your family. Once police and prosecutors are involved, the accuser cannot rescind his or her charge. The accused must work through the many complex layers of criminal law. Civil law has a role in domestic abuse law as well, and these matters are often best handled in family court.

It is essential that you retain an experienced attorney. Judge John E. Turner (Ret.) has over 30 years of experience working with individuals in Washington who have been accused of crimes or are seeking protective orders. He understands how important your family is to you, and he is committed to protecting your rights as you navigate the complexities associated with your case.

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