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The United States has more people in prison by percentage of population than any other, too many because of a drug conviction. Gangs and their violence flourish on the basis of illegal drug payments. People in government, wanting to seem tough, take more and more of our rights.

Effective Drug Crime Defense Attorney

So when you are arrested for possession, or any other drug crime, this is the context in which you are charged. Your best hope is to hire a lawyer who knows this imperfect system backward and forward, and will play every card in the deck to keep you free.

Judge John E. Turner, (Ret.), is known and respected in local courts for his experience both as a judge and as a criminal defense attorney. He represents clients in lower courts, higher courts and in drug court.

Judge Turner is an experienced drug lawyer who defends against the full gamut of drug crime charges, representing people charged with every substance from marijuana to heroin, and every crime from possession to distribution and manufacturing.

Three Main Lines Of Defense

The three lines of defense are mounting an offense against the charge, negotiating the charge and optimizing punishment in the event of conviction. Judge Turner provides powerful representation in all three areas.

  1. Mounting an offense against the charge. First, he does his own investigation to unearth facts that are not apparent in police reports. He seeks a dismissal of the case based on errors in prosecution. Judge Turner handles hearings to suppress evidence. He uses motions to suppress. He points out errors in police behavior and contradictions in the record. He zeroes in on any violation of your rights.
  2. Negotiating the charge. Many drug charge cases are resolved in negotiation. Plea bargains can be struck to reduce the severity of the charges. Charges can sometimes be dismissed entirely. Striking a good deal is an art that most inexperienced lawyers are not up to.
  3. Optimizing punishment in the event of conviction. It is a common practice for Judge John E. Turner to seek a deferred prosecution or drug court diversion to prevent a permanent conviction on your record. His strong preference is for rehabilitation, treatment and community service over being incarcerated.

Marijuana Possession Defense In Olympia, Washington

In 2012, Washington's Initiative 502 was voted into law. This law decriminalized recreational marijuana possession and use in the state. It is now legal to possess the following:

  • Up to one ounce of marijuana
  • Related paraphernalia
  • A solid marijuana-infused product up to 16 ounces
  • A liquid marijuana-infused product up to 72 ounces

Other amounts of marijuana that are found to be in your possession may be prosecuted under the criminal laws of the state. It is also important to note that marijuana possession is still illegal under federal law and any amount can be prosecuted accordingly.

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