Wills & Estate Planning

At the law office of Judge John E. Turner (Ret.), Judge Turner serves as both a legal advocate and problem-solver in the challenging and complex practice area of wills and probate. His undergraduate degree in sociology comes into play when dealing with clients taking proactive steps to draft documents and help families in turmoil when a will was not prepared.

Detailed Services Tailored To Your Needs

Using his vast experience, Judge Turner offers clients in the Olympia, Washington, area a wide range of estate planning and elder law services, such as:

  • Review, drafting and revisions to last will and testaments
  • Establishing trusts, including revocable, irrevocable and charitable trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Creating powers of attorney and advance health care directives
  • Estate tax planning and advice
  • Gifting documentation
  • Thorough asset protection using specific estate planning documents
  • Establishing guardianships and appointing guardians
  • Medicaid and long-term care planning
  • Comprehensive elder law representation and end-of-life planning
  • Probate guidance and representation in probate court
  • Estate litigation and administration

Guidance In Comprehensive Estate Planning Matters

Television and radio ads tout a "do-it-yourself" approach by making documents available on the Internet. However, the process and laws associated with estate planning and probate are far too complex to sidestep legal representation.

There are no shortcuts in the drafting of a will. You need to communicate clearly both the assets and the appropriate beneficiaries. So-called convenience that ignores attention to detail can create ambiguity and lead to disputes among already emotional family members. Old problems come to the surface, and the intentions of the deceased loved one are lost in a mire of conflicts.

Lacking a will, the law presumes that certain family members automatically receive certain assets. Probate can occur with or without a legal document. However, establishing a trust can help avoid that process and provide significant tax savings to the loved ones of the decedent.

Taking proactive steps by drafting a will with the assistance of an attorney can help an already grieving family avoid the confusion that often leads to personal and emotional chaos.

Contact A Will Lawyer For A Free Consultation

For more information, if you need help in drafting a will or require representation in probate court, contact the law office of Judge John E. Turner (Ret.) by calling 360-464-1650.