Olympia Attorney Handling Asset Protection

A common misconception for many individuals relates to the belief that estate planning is only done for the purpose of managing your assets and possessions after your death. This is not the case. In fact, if you would like to manage, preserve and protect your wealth during your lifetime as well as after your death, an experienced asset protection lawyer can help.

Detailed And Compassionate Estate Planning Attorney

Washington attorney John Turner has over 30 years of experience helping a vast array of individuals as they seek to protect their assets throughout their lives and beyond. Considering asset protection issues as part of your overall estate plan is a necessary means of wealth preservation in a day and age when lawsuits are frequent. This option is not just for the wealthy — if you have accumulated a home, a car, an inheritance or you own a business of any size — you could risk losing these important assets should you find yourself facing a legal issue.

When planning your estate, asset protection issues may involve more than just a trust or insurance. Depending on your situation, asset protection considerations may dovetail with financial, tax, medical and business issues. Judge Turner is dedicated to listening carefully to his clients' individual goals and concerns. Personal estate plans that also protect assets can be tailored specifically to your needs, and he is committed to helping you negotiate the plan that serves your best interests.

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