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Guardianships are useful tools for family members who want to help make decisions for their loved ones who may be disabled or elderly, or otherwise incapable of making decisions for themselves. This inability to make decisions can also stem from a mental disability like dementia or Alzheimer's.

A court-appointed guardian has the legal authority to make decisions about where a loved one will live, accept or reject medical treatment on his or her behalf and take responsibility for his or her personal property.

Representation From An Experienced Guardianship Lawyer

Washington lawyer and Former Judge John E. Turner has over 30 years of experience helping a variety of individuals as they seek legal assistance surrounding elder law and estate planning issues. Caring for a disabled loved one can be a heavy undertaking and may seem overwhelming. Judge Turner is prepared to give his clients the information they need to make educated choices about their loved ones.

As a former judge and court-registered guardian ad litem, Judge Turner knows what the court is looking for when appointing a guardian. He will listen to your goals and concerns as he builds a strong case for you and your family. Working efficiently and thoroughly, Judge Turner is dedicated to helping you get to a place where you can focus on what matters most.

Establishing A Guardianship

In order to be appointed as a guardian, a court will need to see evidence that this individual is fit for the job while assessing that the elderly or disabled individual lacks sufficient understanding or the capacity to communicate and make decisions.

Often there is a less restrictive method than a full guardianship, such as a general or durable power of attorney, to get an alleged incapacitated person the help he or she needs. Judge Turner is prepared to help with either a guardianship proceeding or with a less restrictive alternative. Likewise, sometimes a guardian or guardian ad litem is needed for a minor or minor settlement if a less restrictive alternative like a custodial blocked account under the Uniform Gifts to Minors Act will not work.

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