Probate Attorney In Olympia, Washington

Probate is a court process that can occur when a person has passed away. It involves the distribution of assets and payment of debt. Not everyone has to navigate the probate process, but if you do, it is essential that you retain an experienced attorney who will advocate for your best interests.

Probate may be necessary with or without a will. If your loved one had a will, it should include specifications regarding how assets will be distributed. If there is no will, you will have to navigate a process called intestate, during which Washington state laws will determine how the assets will be distributed.

Skilled Probate Lawyer

Attorney and Former Judge John E. Turner is prepared to help his clients whether or not they have to face court proceedings regarding estate planning documents. He will advise executors and personal representatives named in the will or by the court on how best to carry out their responsibilities. The following are common issues that must be worked through in a probate proceeding:

  • Letters of administration
  • Letters testamentary
  • Distribution of assets
  • Handling of creditors' claims

It is not uncommon for problems to arise during the probate process. Co-executors may disagree and litigation may become necessary if creditors try to collect disputed debts or a will contest is involved.

This area of elder law can be very complex and confusing. Judge Turner is dedicated to providing his clients with the compassion and care they deserve during this difficult time. He wants to help you navigate this process with as little stress as possible so you can focus on what matters most to you and your family.

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