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Forming, administering and litigating trusts is a complex and highly detailed area of elder law. Regardless of where you are in the trust process, it is essential that you retain an experienced Washington attorney who seeks to protect your financial assets while honoring your wishes.

Detail-Oriented Trust Lawyer

In many cases, a trust, in combination with a sturdy will, can help you avoid probate proceedings. Attorney and Former Judge John E. Turner has helped many families navigate the trust process throughout over 30 years of practice. By taking a detailed approach, he will investigate your financial status and your goals and concerns for the future. He will help you form a trust that protects your assets so that your heirs and beneficiaries have a clear understanding of your wishes.

If a loved one has passed away, and you are working through the administration of your trust, or you are facing a dispute that could lead to litigation, Judge Turner is prepared to serve as a compassionate advocate. He is committed to giving his clients the information they need to make educated decisions about their futures.

Types Of Trusts

Trusts are not just for individuals who have high-asset estates. It is important to understand how trusts, along with other types of estate planning tools, can provide you with the maximum benefits and protection of what you worked so hard to accumulate throughout your life. Judge Turner can advise you on a variety of forms of trusts, including:

  • Living trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Revocable living trusts
  • Irrevocable (unchangeable) trusts
  • Charitable trusts

Recent Changes To Laws Regarding Trusts In Washington

Here in the state of Washington, the laws regarding how trusts are handled have changed in the past few years. To ensure you fully understand how the new laws may apply to your situation, especially if you have previously established trusts, consult with Judge Turner now. He can also discuss how breach of trust claims are handled under the law.

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