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Protecting Your Professional License

Whether you are a teacher, home health care aide, nurse, engineer, licensed social worker, psychologist, truck driver or other professional, you depend on your professional license to make a living. If you have your professional license revoked, or are prohibited from practicing your profession without one, you lose your livelihood.

Facing an inquiry or disciplinary proceeding due to allegations of conduct or standards violations, patient complaints, financial fraud, drug issues or sexual misconduct can be a harrowing ordeal. Being proactive and seeking attorney assistance when notified that you are facing allegations of misconduct is paramount to protecting your professional license. 

Protecting Your Professional License

If you are a Washington physician, pharmacist, dentist or other professional facing a licensing revocation or disciplinary proceeding, take precautionary steps when you are notified of a board investigation:

  • Contact your malpractice insurance carrier. Reach out to your insurance carrier as soon as you are notified that you are being investigated. Not only is it often a requirement of your policy, it is the smart thing to do.
  • Contact an attorney who specializes in administrative law. When it comes to dealing with licensing boards, you need someone with experience. Look for representation with an attorney who has prior experience dealing with your board on similar issues.
  • Assist your attorney in identifying top experts. Finding the right expert testimony and reports can be the difference between an effective, coherent, and convincing defense and being dealt a devastating blow to your practice and livelihood.
  • Participate actively in your own defense. Ensure that your attorney understands the situation, circumstances, context and nature of the case, and your frame of mind at the time.
  • Take care of yourself. Being under investigation can take a long time to resolve, and is very stressful. Develop a strategy to actively manage your stress levels, create a support system among friends and family, and don't be afraid to seek professional help if needed. Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and make a commitment to continue activities you find enjoyable.

Rely on Knowledgeable Legal Experts

Because licensing boards each have different rules and regulations regarding conduct and standards, each present unique challenges. While the process may seem informal, that is rarely the case. Each licensure board has different requirements pertaining to the various types of evidence, mitigation and rehabilitation that is acceptable during a hearing. At your hearing you will be facing legal experts with a complete understanding of that particular board's rules and regulations, and considering the serious potential consequences, you need to be prepared to fight back.

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