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June 2016 Archives

Plea bargains and their popularity

Washington residents who are facing criminal charges may find several options open for their defense. One common technique is the plea bargain. Prosecutors and judges consent to employ this legal expedient to keep the conviction rate up, clear cases through the system efficiently and make their jobs run more smoothly.

Domestic assault charges in Washington

Many Washington residents will at times have arguments with their spouses or people with whom they are in a non-marital relationship. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, one partner will make the decision to call the police. After an allegation has been made, people are not able to back off from it, and the person who is charged will be left to face any charges of domestic assault that may have been lodged.

The laws for out-of-state driver's license suspension

A driver's license suspension is often one of the penalties assessed after a conviction for driving under the influence. Drivers in Washington who have been subjected to a driver's license revocation for DUI or for another reason often have questions about the status of their driver's license if it is valid in one state but has been revoked in another.

Darren Collison faces domestic violence charges

Washington fans of basketball player Darren Collison may be interested in learning that on May 30, he was taken into custody on charges related to domestic violence. The charge is in connection with an altercation with his wife and is for inflicting corporal injury.