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Domestic assault charges in Washington

Many Washington residents will at times have arguments with their spouses or people with whom they are in a non-marital relationship. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, one partner will make the decision to call the police. After an allegation has been made, people are not able to back off from it, and the person who is charged will be left to face any charges of domestic assault that may have been lodged.

If you have been charged with domestic assault, the other person may have falsely accused you out of anger. Even if something did happen, you still have the right to mount an aggressive defense to the charges you are facing. Often, in domestic assault cases, both parties were involved to some extent. If this is what happened in your case, you may be able to assert self-defense as a defense against the allegations if you reacted and your reaction was reasonable under the circumstances.

In every domestic assault case, the facts and circumstances are different. When prosecutors and courts get involved and try to untangle what actually occurred, they sometimes do much more harm than good. It is important for you to build a strong defense against charges of domestic assault as they can permanently alter the course of your life.

At our law firm, we work tirelessly for our clients in an effort to help to prevent them from having domestic assault convictions on their criminal records. We are often able to negotiate stipulated continuances for our clients for a period of two years. During that time, the person who has been charged will complete an evaluation and any recommended counseling, and if further charges are avoided, the underlying case will be dismissed. If you would like to learn more about your rights in your domestic assault case, you can review the information on our defending charges of domestic assault page.

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