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Judge John E. Turner (Ret.)

July 2016 Archives

Every defendant has the right to adequate representation

Washington residents who have been charged with a crime have the right to adequate representation by a lawyer. This right is directly linked to the Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial, because a fair trial is not possible without adequate representation. If a defendant's lawyer did not meet this standard, the correct ruling may not have been made.

Lawmakers toughen DUI laws after surge in drunk driving

Lawmakers in Washington have taken action after witnessing a surge in drunk driving. Tougher DUI rules go into effect on Aug.1, and they prevent motorists who are discovered to have blood alcohol levels of .12 percent or higher from pleading guilty to a lesser charge. Prosecutors say that the measure was adopted after seeing a sharp rise in DUIs in the first part of 2016 compared to the comparable period in the previous year.

Washington's implied consent law

More than one in five motorists suspected of driving while inebriated in the United States refuse to submit to a breath or chemical test according to the National Traffic Safety Administration. While drivers who refuse to submit to such tests may feel that they are denying prosecutors with vital evidence, their refusal could still have consequences.

Ride-sharing apps like Uber may reduce drunk driving

Responsible Washington residents who go out with friends may select a designated driver when alcohol is likely to be consumed, but a growing body of data is showing that ride-sharing applications like Uber are also helping to reduce drunk driving. The information age has ushered in conveniences that would have seemed unimaginable just a few short years ago, and being able to summon a car simply by touching a button on a cellphone seems to be encouraging those who may decide to drink to leave their vehicles at home.