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August 2016 Archives

Documents that a criminal defense attorney needs

People who have been charged with a crime in Washington will have to provide their attorney with several documents including their criminal record and the arrest documentation. Criminal defense attorneys need these and other documents so that they can help their clients counter the charges. It is important that a defendant's attorney has all of the same information that the prosecution has plus any evidence of an alibi.

Man charged after driving to police station

A 49-year-old man was taken into custody after a police officer smelled marijuana on his person and in his vehicle. Authorities say that the man had driven to a Washington State Patrol office to pay a utility bill and had parked in an area reserved for patrol cars. Upon making contact with the driver, the officer asked him if he knew where he was and if he always paid his utility bill at that location.

How a deferred prosecution can help avoid prison or jail

Facing criminal charges in Washington is a frightening experience for most people. It is very difficult to deal with the possibility of going to jail or prison. In the state, one way you might be able to handle your case is through a deferred prosecution or diversion agreement. Both can help you to avoid jail or prison time and may protect your criminal record.