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How a deferred prosecution can help avoid prison or jail

Facing criminal charges in Washington is a frightening experience for most people. It is very difficult to deal with the possibility of going to jail or prison. In the state, one way you might be able to handle your case is through a deferred prosecution or diversion agreement. Both can help you to avoid jail or prison time and may protect your criminal record.

Deferred prosecutions, which are frequently used in DUI cases, allow people to avoid criminal convictions, jail and prison time in exchange for a number of concessions. If you are granted a deferred prosecution, you would agree to give up your right to go to trial on your charges. You would also be required to serve time on probation for between one to five years. Deferred prosecutions also normally require participants to attend the type of treatment that they need and to not commit any further criminal offenses.

If you are able to successfully complete all of the terms of your deferred prosecution, your case will be dismissed. This is good because a conviction can make it more difficult for you to find work and housing, and it might interfere with your educational plans.

We bring experience as both a judge and a criminal defense lawyer in our handling of our clients' cases. We work hard to help our clients secure deferred prosecutions whenever it is possible. We understand the kind of negative impact a criminal conviction can have on our clients' lives, and we are dedicated to helping them to avoid both convictions as well as prison or jail sentences. If you would like to learn more about deferred prosecutions as well as some other alternative penalties that may be available, you can find more information on our deferred prosecution page.

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