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September 2016 Archives

DWI patches could be coming to Washington

A company located in New Mexico appears to have developed a patch that can possibly help prevent people from driving while intoxicated. The company invented the product in response to the high rate of DWIs in the state. Named the ONUSBlue patch, it works by determining someone's alcohol intake through their sweat.

Legalization of marijuana and DWI testing

With Washington and many other states already allowing some variation of legal marijuana use, law enforcement authorities could face more instances of DWI. Additional states are considering the legalization of pot during the 2016 election cycle, which could increase the potential for marijuana intoxication behind the wheel. However, those responsibly using the substance for medical reasons might worry about the potential for being detained based on blood or urine testing.

How to get an interlock drivers license

In Washington state, it may be possible to drive while a license is suspended or revoked. This option, the Ignition Interlock Driver License, can be offered to those who have been taken into custody or convicted of a DUI, reckless driving or vehicular assault or homicide involving drugs or alcohol. That person must have a valid Washington or out of state license, and the suspension or revocation cannot include a minor in possession or habitual offender charges.

How parents can influence their kids against underage drinking

Washington parents may be interested to learn that, according to a survey of underage teenagers and young adults, having clear rules set by parents had some impact on whether or not they drank alcohol. The survey included responses from more than 1,100 underage individuals and young adults from seven different states.

Increased DUI patrols coincide with Labor Day weekend

Washington state troopers will be increasing DUI patrols as part of a partnership between themselves, the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The increased DUI enforcement is also part of an effort called Target Zero that aims to eliminate traffic deaths in the state by 2030. During the Labor Day holiday in 2015, police said that they pulled over 4,859 drivers for violating the speed limit.