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DWI patches could be coming to Washington

A company located in New Mexico appears to have developed a patch that can possibly help prevent people from driving while intoxicated. The company invented the product in response to the high rate of DWIs in the state. Named the ONUSBlue patch, it works by determining someone's alcohol intake through their sweat.

According to the CEO of DermaTec, the start-up that developed the product, the patch will change colors based on a person's level of intoxication. The co-founder of the organization stated that the patch isn't designed to deter drinking; it's to help people make the right choices. For instance, if someone is able to tell that they are above the legal blood-alcohol limit, they can take an Uber or have a friend drive them home.

The CEO is hoping to work with bars, restaurants and other establishments that serve alcohol. He states that he would like to make custom patches for each business. DermaTec is still looking to find funding although it has received some grants, and the company is looking to figure out a way to have the patches mass produced.

When someone is charged with drunk driving, they face a variety of penalties. People may have to pay thousands of dollars in fines and court costs if they are convicted, and they may also lose their driving privileges. Additionally, those who have more than one conviction could also be sentenced to spend some time in jail, and a conviction may make it harder for an individual to find employment. A lawyer could assist someone who is facing drunk driving charges with determining if the evidence collected by officers was obtained lawfully.

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