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How to get an interlock drivers license

In Washington state, it may be possible to drive while a license is suspended or revoked. This option, the Ignition Interlock Driver License, can be offered to those who have been taken into custody or convicted of a DUI, reckless driving or vehicular assault or homicide involving drugs or alcohol. That person must have a valid Washington or out of state license, and the suspension or revocation cannot include a minor in possession or habitual offender charges.

To apply for an interlock driver's license, an ignition interlock must first be installed in a vehicle. Then, a driver will need to obtain proof of financial responsibility, which is also known as an SR-22 form. Finally, the driver must fill out a license application and send it in with the required fee.

Drivers who do not have a valid Washington state license or a valid license from out of state will need to apply for a Washington license. Applicants are required to pay all fees and pass all licensing tests before applying for the IIL. If a driver gets the IIL, he or she must retain it for the entire length of the suspension or revocation.

Those who have been charged with a DUI could face many consequences. For instance, a driver may be subject to a license suspension for failing to submit to a chemical test during a traffic stop. Drivers may also face fines or jail time. An attorney could help create a defense that may help a driver avoid some or all penalties. Defenses may include casting doubt on a police report or asking for evidence to be suppressed at trial.

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