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City councilman apologizes for DUI arrest

A Washington man who has been a city councilman since 2011 has released a statement taking responsibility for a DUI conviction following an incident that happened in 2015. On Dec. 12 around 1 a.m., a Washington State Patrol officer saw a Subaru weaving in the lane and crossing onto the median on Highway 9. At one point, the car came to a stop and then continued down the highway. The officer then pulled the man over.

According to the officer, the man was putting gum in his mouth and struggled to get the window down. He was swaying in the driver's seat. The officer said that when he asked the man to exit the car, he had trouble holding his head up and smelled of alcohol. He said that he had not anything to drink and refused to take a sobriety test or breath test.

The man was taken into custody and took breath-alcohol tests there. His blood alcohol was. .178. In January, he was charged, and he pleaded guilty about a week before his trial. He spent a day in jail in September with the other 363 days of his sentence suspended as long as he does not run into any further legal trouble.

Drunk driving convictions can have serious consequences beyond the legal ones. People who have a highly visible position in politics or people who work in fields such as education or medicine may jeopardize their careers in these circumstances. Therefore, in some cases, a person might want to work with an attorney to try to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

Source: The Marysville Globe, "M'ville Councilman Toyer pleads guilty to DUI," Sept. 30, 2016

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