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Judge John E. Turner (Ret.)

The consequences of DUIs for military service members

If you live in Washington and are in the military, you likely understand that the expectations that are placed on you are greater than those that are placed on civilians. If you are charged with and convicted of DUI, the penalties that you will face will be much harsher than those faced by others who are not service members.

Even though your DUI case may be handled in a state court and carry the typical civil penalties, including fines, possible jail time, the loss of your license and others, you may also face discipline within the military itself. The military and your commanding officer may hand down additional penalties for your DUI if you are convicted.

A DUI conviction may risk many things for you in addition to the standard penalties in state court. You may lose your security clearance and your job. You may also risk damage to your reputation, your relationships and your livelihood. It may be important for you to understand how to defend against the charge in both civilian court as well as with the military itself.

Our attorney understands how to defend against DUI cases that are filed against military service members. He knows the risks that are involved in both state court as well as within the military. Judge Turner uses the knowledge he gleaned from his time as a judge combined with his experience working as a criminal defense attorney to help his military clients to obtain favorable pleas or to win dismissal of the charges pending against them. Judge Turner analyzes each case in order to craft the strongest defense that is available to his client. If you are a military service member who is facing a DUI charge, you may want to review the information we have compiled on our military DUI page.

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