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February 2017 Archives

Football player could face discipline from NFL

Washington residents may know that wide receiver Michael Floyd was taken into custody on a DUI charge during the 2016 regular season. While he ended the season with the New England Patriots, he was a member of the Arizona Cardinals when he was taken into custody. In addition to the legal consequences of his case, he could also be subject to penalties from the NFL.

Seeking a reduction of drunk driving charges in Washington

The penalties for driving under the influence are sometimes severe in Washington, and even motorists with no prior history of drunk driving may face jail time in some situations. Drivers facing DUI charges often have little experience with the criminal justice system, and they may wonder if prosecutors will take their previous good behavior into consideration. While experienced criminal defense attorneys may argue this point vigorously during plea negotiations, there are several other factors in drunk driving cases that are factored into these decisions.

When A Personal Mistake Costs You Your Career

When you're a nurse, you dedicate your life to helping others. You spent years training and educating yourself for your career, and you've made plenty of sacrifices along the way. You gave up a normal schedule so you could work overnights. You racked up students loans to get your BSN. But when you look at where you've gotten, you realize it was all worth it. Your career has meaning, and it defines more than just your career - it's who you are.

Traditional DUI testing of little use for marijuana

Law enforcement agencies in Washington may have been hoping for a different outcome when voters in the state chose to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2012. Some feared that legalizing the drug would lead to a surge in marijuana-impaired driving, and law enforcement has few tools at its disposal to deal with this kind of problem. Police can use field sobriety tests to determine whether or not a driver has been drinking and breath and blood tests to measure their blood alcohol levels, but this kind of testing is of little value in marijuana cases.