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April 2017 Archives

Washington poised to strengthen DUI penalties

After years of procedural delays in the state legislature, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has a chance to sign a bill that would classify the fourth DUI in 10 years as a felony that requires a prison sentence of 13 to 17 months. Existing state laws regarding drunk driving have been the weakest in the country. Under existing law, someone could be arrested for drunk driving five times before facing felony charges.

Washington explores DUI courts for repeat offenders

Washington public safety officials are looking into drunk driving courts for repeat offenders. These courts, which would provide special supervision and treatment for those convicted of DUIs, may have far-reaching consequences for citizens throughout the state.

Drugged driving on the rise

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration included Washington and other parts of the Pacific Northwest on its list of regions with a spike in traffic deaths in 2015. Overall, for the first nine months of that year, traffic fatalities jumped 9.3 percent nationwide from the comparable period in the previous year, and experts have assigned partial blame to the opioid epidemic and the use of other illicit drugs.

Are road rage incidents becoming more violent?

Road rage can range from simple frustration to fatal incidents. According to studies performed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, almost a third of drivers in the United States today report that they deal with some sort of road rage when driving. While most road rage incidents resolve quickly, some lead to dangerous behaviors that cause injury or even death to anyone involved and innocent bystanders.

When breath tests are required in Washington

If you are stopped in Washington state for a suspected drunk driving offense, you might not be certain about whether or not you should agree to a breath or blood test. There are several factors that you should consider in order to accurately answer this question.

Washington lawmakers consider intoxicated driving bills

Lawmakers in Washington are considering bills that would toughen the state's drunk driving laws and make it easier for law enforcement to draw blood from motorists suspected of being under the influence of drugs. While drunk driving is on the decline in Washington, police say that the number of state residents getting behind the wheel after smoking or otherwise consuming marijuana is on the rise. Law enforcement has also reported an increase in DUIs involving drivers who have taken a combination of drugs.