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August 2017 Archives

Obtaining reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop

In the state of Washington, police officers are only legally allowed to initiate traffic stops when there is reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. In fact, even DUI checkpoints, which are legal in 38 states, are illegal in Washington. However, if an officer does have the requisite reasonable suspicion, he or she can stop a motorist for a short period of time in order to conduct a limited investigation.

Police chase leads to crashed Lamborghini

Washington residents may have hear about an incident in Edmonds involving a possible drunken driver and an accident that damaged a 2015 Lamborghini. During the Taste of Edmonds event that took place on Aug. 12, law enforcement authorities conducted safety emphasis patrols. At about 11:30 p.m., a sergeant saw a female passenger in the sports car leaning out the window with a beer.

Not guilty plea entered by Tiger Woods

Washington golfers may be interested to learn that Tiger Woods' attorney signed a not guilty plea for his DUI charge after Woods did not attend his arraignment. The 41-year-old golfer was taken into custody on the morning of May 29 after it was suspected that he was driving under the influence.

Aggressive enforcement for event leads to 19 DUIs

The Washington State Patrol assigned additional troopers to highways in the Tri-Cities area during the Water Follies weekend of boat races for the HAPO Columbia Cup. Troopers reported arresting 18 people for DUI during the weekend, which represented two more DUI arrests than the previous year.