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Woman charged in hit-and-run

According to law enforcement officials, a woman from Pierce County in Washington has been charged with multiple counts related to drunk driving after colliding with three other vehicles. The 55-year-old woman has had previous DUI incidences.

Her charges include a hit-and-run accident with injury to another and assault in the third degree. She was also charged with driving with a suspended license in the third degree and the operation of a vehicle with no interlock device.

According to the deputy prosecutor for Pierce County, the woman's criminal history includes convictions for assault, hit-and-run and DUI. He also stated that the woman has repeatedly engaged in drunk driving and is likely to kill someone.

On October 11, 2017, the alleged suspect was on Meridian Avenue in her Ford Explorer when she side-swiped an SUV, even as the driver of the SUV attempted to move out of the way. The suspect drove on, hitting two more vehicles and bringing the rush hour traffic to a stop.

In an attempt to see if the suspect was harmed, the driver of one of the vehicles followed the suspect when she exited her vehicle. After muttering an incomprehensible statement, the suspect ran away. Law enforcement located her as she was stumbling up a hill. In her possession was a bag that held a nearly empty wine bottle. She was placed into a patrol vehicle after verbally and physically assaulting one of the police officers.

Individuals who have been accused of offenses related to drunk driving may require the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. The attorney may assess the circumstances surrounding the drunk driving incident and advise clients of their legal options. Litigation may be used to contest the charges so that they will be dropped. Negotiation may also be used to have the charges reduced.

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