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Rap star faces DUI following drag-racing incident

A popular rap star is facing DUI and other charges following a traffic incident on Nov. 3. Authorities say that Willie Maxwell, who is perhaps best known by music enthusiasts in Washington as Fetty Wap, was allegedly drag racing another vehicle at approximately 1 a.m. when he was pulled over by New York City police. Information regarding the second vehicle has not been released.

Following the incident, a New York Police Department spokesman told reporters that a Breathalyzer test was administered to Maxwell on the scene. Results showed that the musician's blood alcohol content was .09 percent when the traffic stop was conducted. The legal limit for operating a motor vehicle in New York State is .08 percent.

Maxwell was expected to be arraigned on drunk driving and numerous traffic offenses shortly after being taken into custody. The arraignment was scheduled to take place in the borough of Brooklyn.

While thousands of miles may separate the site of the Fetty Wap incident from similar highways in Washington, illegal drag racing and drunk driving are just as serious on local roadways. Penalties for a DUI or DWI conviction in this state are harsh. The consequences may include heavy fines and community service. In some cases, offenders who have a history of drunk driving convictions could spend time in jail.

A criminal defense lawyer could provide advice and advocacy to clients who are facing drunk driving charges. In some cases, the lawyer can work with the prosecution to resolve the charges during pretrial stages. When necessary, the lawyer could represent the client's best interests in court.

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