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Domestic Violence Archives

NFL prospect facing domestic violence charges

Football fans in Washington and around the country are likely looking forward to the upcoming NFL draft. Former Michigan Wolverines standout Jourdan Lewis is seen as a top prospect by many pundits, but a misdemeanor domestic violence charge has raised questions about the promising 21-year-old athlete's future. Lewis is accused of assaulting his girlfriend during a heated domestic dispute, and he faces a $500 fine and up to 93 days in jail if he is convicted.

Teaching Washington residents about domestic violence

Domestic violence is defined as any act of abuse committed by one family member against another. Examples of domestic violence include one spouse hitting another or a parent hitting a child. The term domestic may apply to those who are just dating as opposed to married or otherwise living together, and it may also apply to either a heterosexual or homosexual couple.

Domestic assault charges in Washington

Many Washington residents will at times have arguments with their spouses or people with whom they are in a non-marital relationship. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, one partner will make the decision to call the police. After an allegation has been made, people are not able to back off from it, and the person who is charged will be left to face any charges of domestic assault that may have been lodged.

Darren Collison faces domestic violence charges

Washington fans of basketball player Darren Collison may be interested in learning that on May 30, he was taken into custody on charges related to domestic violence. The charge is in connection with an altercation with his wife and is for inflicting corporal injury.