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Driver's License Suspension/Revocation Archives

How to get an interlock drivers license

In Washington state, it may be possible to drive while a license is suspended or revoked. This option, the Ignition Interlock Driver License, can be offered to those who have been taken into custody or convicted of a DUI, reckless driving or vehicular assault or homicide involving drugs or alcohol. That person must have a valid Washington or out of state license, and the suspension or revocation cannot include a minor in possession or habitual offender charges.

The laws for out-of-state driver's license suspension

A driver's license suspension is often one of the penalties assessed after a conviction for driving under the influence. Drivers in Washington who have been subjected to a driver's license revocation for DUI or for another reason often have questions about the status of their driver's license if it is valid in one state but has been revoked in another.