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Posts tagged "Breath Test Refusal"

Refusing to take a breath test

In the state of Washington, motorists who hold a valid driver's license or who operate a vehicle within the state lines are deemed to have given consent to have a breath test conducted on them by law enforcement personnel when requested. If they do not submit to a breath test, they could face certain legal consequences.

When breath tests are required in Washington

If you are stopped in Washington state for a suspected drunk driving offense, you might not be certain about whether or not you should agree to a breath or blood test. There are several factors that you should consider in order to accurately answer this question.

Refusing a breath test isn't a wise decision

Refusing a breath test sounds like a tremendous way to avoid some serious consequences, doesn't it? Imagine an officer pulls you over on the suspicion of drunk driving, and after asking you to take a breath test you tell the officer "no." Surely that's going to lead to you avoiding drunk driving charges, right?